Credit Card Processing

A financial company generally issues credit card for online payment of customers in credit card processing. The credit cards are secured by the deposited account of the credit card holder. The deposited amount is separately kept in special saving account of the customers. Entire transaction of credit card processing is processed at the merchant POS system. The merchant data and the transaction information are collected by the payment gateway to the payment processor. The correct network is identified by the payment processor so as to ensure high security at Credit Card Processing. The transaction information is again collected by network, while the network verifies the remaining balance maintained in cardholder’s account. A security check is ensured within spending patterns in normal way and the verification request is sent along with authorization code, while sending reply message. The cardholder is responsible for checking his own available balance and passes his amount during settlement of entire amount. Many internet links are created by the gateway processor so as to allow the connection with several numbers of processors. The fees during transaction are distributed among all customers via card network and a platform is formed for all transactions to follow certain procedures while using credit card.